Intersectoral research

Intersectoral research

To accelerate the advancement of knowledge

Nowadays, research is being carried out increasingly often by interdisciplinary and intersectoral teams that bring together researchers with complementary areas of expertise, working together to address current scientific issues, develop knowledge and drive innovation.

Québec’s three research funds already provide support for intersectoral research teams and projects, but these efforts should be increased with a view to making an even greater contribution to the advancement of knowledge, as well as to the excellence and influence of Québec researchers.

With that in mind, in early 2012, Québec’s Chief Scientist, Rémi Quirion, whose mandate includes the development of intersectoral research, invited Québec’s research community to send him their comments and suggestions on possible topics for future large-scale intersectoral projects.

The proposals had to meet certain criteria, including the involvement of researchers affiliated with each of the three Fonds, the inclusion of a training program based on a new intersectoral and interdisciplinary model, a potential for public and private partnerships in Québec, Canada and abroad, and relevance to the priorities set out in the Québec Research and Innovation Strategy.

The call for submissions proved successful: more than 65 project proposals were received, from every Québec university as well as several colleges and private institutions. The proposals are varied and include most of the research areas covered by the three Fonds. Examples include sustainable development, our aging population, the Plan Nord, green cities, the role of art and culture in our society, first-line health care, mining exploration and mineral transformation, ICT, green chemistry, the pharmaceutical industry and many more.

A committee made up of the members of the board of directors of each Fonds and the three scientific directors is currently in the process of developing a funding strategy in light of the proposals received. The Chief Scientist will keep the research community informed as events unfold over the next few months.