For the Fonds de recherche du Québec, the mobilization of knowledge refers to the idea that research knowledge or research results lead, in the medium and long term, to action (i.e. technological, medical and social innovations in the form of products, processes, practices, policies, etc.) and to changes that address concerns, needs or problems related to the research topic.

The target audiences are on the one hand the potential users of research results who work in companies, government departments, agencies or institutions, and on the other hand the general public, including members of civil society and individual citizens.

Knowledge mobilization is an umbrella term covering several concepts: sharing, exchange, transfer, translation, application, valorization, commercialization, promotion, dissemination.

When it comes to the production of knowledge, it is generally a question of research carried out in collaboration with groups concerned with the subject of study (such as the co-production or co-construction of knowledge), which may include sharing knowledge to define or clarify the research question or at other times during the research process.

The target audience is mainly the potential users of research results.

Type of activity: meetings between the research team and partners or representatives of the community concerned, participation in research orientation forums, etc.

Knowledge mobilization is aimed at action that can lead to change, which includes exchangetransfer, translation, application and valorization of research results.

The target audience is mainly the potential users of research results.

Type of activity: presentation and discussion of research results with representatives of practice settings; meetings with institution leaders, government departments and agencies; meetings with elected officials and the political community; knowledge (including technology) application activities with practitioners, stakeholders and businesses; participation in working groups, panels of experts.

Knowledge mobilization is aimed at promotion through the presentation, dissemination and diffusion of research results.

The target audience is mainly the general public.

Type of activity: interview for print media, web television; presence on social media; participation in citizen activities, science cafés, etc.

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