2nd prize: Thierry Lefèvre, Université Laval

From 2006 to 2018, Thierry Lefèvre worked as a specialist in vibrational spectroscopy in the research laboratories of professors Michel Pézolet and Michèle Auger and then went on to become the coordinator of the Center for Research on Advanced Materials (CERMA).

He has largely contributed to the development of methods to quantitatively assess the structural organization of proteins in micrometer anisotropic samples—the prime example of which is spider silk. The advances helped make the laboratory an international reference in the area of silk.

As a research professional, he has co-supervised some 20 graduate students, supporting them on a daily basis in the different stages of their research careers. He has refereed 45 peer-reviewed papers in scientific journals and co-authored nearly 50 scientific papers and book chapters. He has also given various scientific and public lectures.

Thierry Lefèvre’s commitment to society and the environment has led him to defend and gain recognition for the contributions of professionals to the research ecosystem and promote sustainable development in academia.