April 27, 2023 – At its April 14, 2023, meeting, the board of directors of the Fonds de recherche du Québec — Société et culture (FRQSC) approved $73 million in awards and grants (new awards and commitments) for 2023–2024. 

As announced on April 27, the FRQSC is handing out 627 new awards this year: 199 new master’s awards, 344 new doctoral awards and 84 new postdoctoral awards, for a total of $18.4 million for 2023–2024. 

This amount will be added to the FRQS’s previous commitments, totalling $29.8 million in support for research training through scholarship, fellowship and internship programs, particularly in a practice environment, including a grant program for new Indigenous researchers.  

As for its programs supporting new academics, 104 research proposals are slated for more than $6 million in funding by the FRQSC to support careers in research (new awards and commitments).  

Grants for research projects, including international collaboration, as well as support for academic journals, research-creation and college research team projects, come to a total of $13.4 million. Research clusters—including not only strategic clusters, but also university institutes and affiliated university centres, research teams and the creative economy research network, such as the Québec Circular Economy Research Network, the Research Chair in Creative Economy and Well-Being and the LIBEX research chair on freedom of expression, will also receive more than $23.8 million from the FRQSC in 2023–2024.  

In addition, the FRQSC will contribute $5.4 million to initiatives to tackle major societal challenges: sustainable development and the impacts of climate change and digital technologies, demographic change and ageing, entrepreneurship and creativity, and a fourth new science and society component.  

These amounts include not only new funding offers, but also applications the FRQSC had already committed to funding. 

“I would like to congratulate all FRQSC grant and award recipients. Your research excellence moves our society forward and leads to a better understanding of the world around us. The creativity and vibrancy of our researchers in the social and human sciences, arts and letters sector in Québec is always an inspiration. Bravo and thank you for your valuable contribution to the advancement of knowledge.” 
Louise Poissant, Scientific Director, FRQSC 

Detailed results of the competitions are available on the Competition Results page. 

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